Many top judoka like what we do. They grew up with our brand as best source in judo. Also we respect them and we shared our JudoInside bottle with the top athletes. They didn’t mind sharing our joint passion with you.

We stay in touch for you with Olympic and World Champions and some of the best athletes around. These proud promoters are our examples and idols.

Ilias Iliadis

Roy Meyer

Joshiro Maruyama

Odette Giuffrida

Nemanja Majdov

Daria Bilodid

Sarah Asahina

Khasan Khalmurzaev

Mikhail Igolnikov

Team Belarus

Alexander Wieczerzak

Maryna Slutskaya


If you are in the picture with a JudoInside bottle and might have a bottle sponsor or other reason that conflicts with this picture, just let us know and we will act immediately.